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Comments for AK Math Academy

After Returning back to School:

  • Hi. Just wanted to share about how E is going in math. Amazing!!  We had his conference today. He's getting an O. For computation he got 44 when the target is 20.  Concepts and application he got 8 and the target is 5. He has been exposed to things his other classmates have not. He's still really excited about math and I think that has 100% to do with math camp. Just wanted to pass that along. 

  • The lessons are age, grade and level appropriate.  The teachers were responsive to individual student needs and used the time very wisely.  

  • Awesome!!  My son loved it!!

  • There was math in everything!  I liked that AK Math was able to show that to the students.  Students were excited about Math!

  • Math!  Outside activities, hands on, real-life math!!  Our student had a great academic year after math camp two years ago!

  • Fun opportunities for exploring real life use of math!

  •  As a parent, I enjoyed that my kid enjoyed the math camp!!  He enjoyed the math games, going on field trips and building things with the engineer.  

  •  T had a good experience with the AK Math camp.  He actually said he learned more math than his own school.

  •  The teachers made math fun by using applied examples and games.   The teachers were very caring and wanted him to do well.  Keep getting the good teachers.  

  • The math camp has provided J with the confidence that he can be successful at math! He has done very well in his math classes at school.